A small sampling of my work


UX/UI & Web Design

This section includes samples of the process and working prototypes for my UX/UI design projects as previous website design and development projects I've completed.

I enjoy seeing the overlap between marketing and design. Focus has shifted to the user and the ways that design, visuals, and writing can create experiences that are usable, equitable, enjoyable and useful for all end users. 


Graphic Design

Some work I've done in my day job or as side projects along the way. This is a varied assortment to show off a broad range of skills.

Some projects are part of marketing or daily business and others are just for fun or just something I wanted to do at the time.  



History of the marketing, management, program development positions I've held as well as the skills I have and the tools I use.

I have been lucky to work with great organizations that have done a lot of good in the world.





Newest updates

UX/UI & Web Design
EarthShare Washington

I have years of experience designing,theming  and deploying webistes using Drupal and Wordpress as well as...