A small sampling of my work
Graphic design
Moving into more finalized designs to see which one might work.
Graphic design, Seattle stuff
Member drive poster
Updating FBCB's membership materials and working on social media. 
Seattle stuff
Cat window
Why an OMD?I'm trying out new lenses and a new camera body that I'm hoping will allow for decent shots and with wifi...
Graphic design, Web dev
Title cards for video
Video WinWith numerous tools available for quickly generating short videos from clips and still images there's no...
Web dev
Website done for Seattle based chamber music quartet. Drupal CMS installation, templating and design, all graphics and...
Graphic design
This wide print brochure that was used as general information for employee giving programs. The color portions of the...
Web dev
This is another custom Boostrap design based off Agency for Drupal. The planning was cut short due to an immediate need...
Graphic design, Web dev
The Earth Day Challenge required a lot of graphics, 2 websites, 2 weeks of daily emails, Facebook and LinkedIn...
Graphic design
Email newsletters
There have been many versions of the email newsletters I've sent out over the years. Currently the push is to get...
Graphic design
After spending a lot of time building static images for infographics with Illustrator and Photoshop, I will admit I'm a...
These are digital illustrations done for a short kids e-book I was working on. Created characters and attempting to do...
Graphic design
Posters and email invites that were done as part of volunteer marketing work done for the YFS group. Created a...