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Website Design and Development

EarthShare Washington

I have years of experience designing,theming  and deploying webistes using Drupal and Wordpress as well as knowledge of front end devlopment (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).  On top of that I have been through several website design precesses involving contracting vendors, working with writers and engineers in defining goals, features and developing site maps for larger website roll-outs.

Content editor and curator as well as graphic design, SEO and AdWord Grants. Drupal install, template design.

At EarthShare Washington I was responsible for the entire process from planning through writing, design, administration and maintenance of our website. The website not only allows for front-facing marketing and communications but provides member charities access to update information about themselves, required compliance document upload and secure donor reporting.  

I have also created websites for smaller charities, bands, community groups and other organizations.


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