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UX/UI- Soiree Food Delivery App

Soiree Restaurant Concept
A project for the Cal Arts UX/UI Design certificate. This was a more advanced website/responsive app that required site-mapping and wireframe creation as well as testing, persona building and planning.

The project required forming a concept for a website/app, developing a strategy, defining the target audience including their demographics/psychographics, defining client and user goals, creating personas to better empathize with the desired end user, creating a scope document, developing the site-map, wireframing, testing, and developing a functioning prototype.

Restaurant Concept Soiree

Food & drink We serve a mix of gourmet flat-breads that come hot or ready to heat in the oven along with basic and signature cocktail mixes. Themed food and drink pairings to make putting a party together easy. Options/customization: Cocktails/punches.


Check the pdf at the bottom of this page for the complete strategy/personas/sitemap/wireframe document.
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