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UX/UI - Flash Tuner

Flash Tuner
This project to create a UI for a guitar tuning app was for the Cal Arts certificate in UX/UI Design.   

Flash Tuner 


Sound your best in a flash whether you’re just starting out, a regular on the local music scene or headed out on your first big tour with reliable and fast tuning.  Flash Tuner is n easy to use smartphone based digital guitar tuner that sounds and lights when you're perfectly in tune and auto-detects the string you're tuning (within 1120hz). Advanced settings allow you to pick other tunings, save profiles and set mic sensitivity.  This throwback design is insired by 1970's Conn Strobe tuners with an asthetic that will appeal to those with a love of writing letters on manual typewriters, shooting photos on film and who can't get enough of old guitars.


See the file below for a PDF of the project.
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