Lord Myrmeen Lhal

Cousin to the late King Azoun IV, Myrmeen Lhal, known as the Lady Lord, is the current ruler of recently reclaimed Arabel. She is a retired adventuress, a former ranger, but now handles the governing of the city, and is very protective of it's interests. She can often be found in the palace directly north of Central Arabel, discussing the state of affairs with her assistants. During the war, she lost her hand, but it was later restored by powerful magic.

Westar, Hearld of Arabel

Westar assists Myrmeen Lhal in the governing of the city. He handles countless duties, and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of governing the city. Westar has a reputation of being honest and trustworthy. When not working, he can occasionally be found in the Arabel library, enjoying a good book, or relaxing at the Pride of Arabel.

Arabel City Miltia

These well armed and armored guards protect the citizenry and keep the peace in the streets. The Arabel City Militia make up the greatest portion of all the armed forces in the city. Aside from nobles and those with adventuring charters, the militia are the only ones allowed to wield weapons openly.


Baron Thomdar

Baron Thomdar is the cousin of the late King Azoun IV. He is the Warden of the Eastern Marches and he heads the Purple Dragon Garrison in Arabel. He is a tough and fair leader of the Purple Dragons and expects his soldiers to be the same.


Purple Dragons and War Wizards

To enforce the royal word, Cormyr maintains a large standing army. There are more than 12,000 Purple Dragons (so called because of their banner) garrisoned in major cities and fortifications. A 25-ship Imperial Navy patrols the Lake of Dragons, the Palace Guard numbers 150 trained elite warriors, and the nation maintains a mounted force of 500 warriors trained in sword and bow, led by 30 knights out of the Royal Court. These Knights are known as the Order of the Golden Way, a military award commemorating those battles. The most deadly unit in the army is the feared War Wizards, a unit of magicians recognizable by their black and purple robes.

The primary mission of the Purple Dragons is to ensure peace throughout the kingdom. This means keeping the interior of Cormyr safe from raiding parties so a merchant company or farmer can travel in safety and return home with profits intact.


Lady Norah Jarrian

Chief Justice of Tyr, and the leader of the Knights of the Merciful Sword, Lady Norah Jarrian is a charismatic and caring Paladin of Tyr. Her duties involve commanding her knights, enforcing the laws of Cormyr, and defending the city from evil. Members of the order are sworn into the service of Tyr, and hold positions above the militia, as judges and guardians of the city.

Darmos Lauthyr

Darmos Lauthyr is the leader of the most powerful religious organization in Arabel. The Lady's House is a large, extravagant temple dedicated to the worship of Tymora. During the Time of Troubles, Lady Luck's avatar appeared there and protected the city. Consequently, the temple and it's order have grown significantly. Darmos himself is rich and arrogant, and has demanded recognition for his accomplishments.

Gustan Hald

Gustan Hald is a priest of Chauntea. His temple caters to most of the middle class citizens who do not worship Tymora. He is a kind, gentle man, and those seeking godly assistance but are intimidated by the Lady's House often turn to his order of priests.

Lord Mitchel DeSchurr

A noble of Arabel, Mitchel is one of the oldest and richest nobles in Arabel. DeSchurr comes from a old line of Cormyrian families. He is a warrior by nature and has only recently retired to his new home in Arabel. He still dreams about going out into the wilds of Faerun to adventure. DeSchurr is a blunt and outspoken man who admires the strong but loathes the weak.

Lord Lheskar Bhaliir

A noble of Arabel, Lheskar has substantial holdings in the city. His business practices include import/export company, numerous investments and business dealings with Sembia, Waterdeep and Westgate. Rumors persist that he has darker dealings with the Arabel's underworld but these allegations have never been proven.

Lord Rolo Fezznick

House Fezznick has old roots in the City of Arabel. The current Lord Rolo Fezznick inherited his estate and title from his father Lord Lamir Fezznick. Devoted in the service of Helm, this is a noble house in the truest sense of the word. Young Rolo Fezznick grew up in Arabel, and has strong ties to the community. House Fezznick has strong ties to the local Militia, and has been long time friends with the Warden, and several of the Captains of the Guard. Lord Fezznick has one son, Lamir Fezznick, who is named after his grandfather. He is a mischievous little rascal who is often sneaking off and getting into trouble. The late Lady Fezznick passed away shortly after Lamir was born, due to complications during child birth.

William Thond

After Lord Myrmeen Lhal drove out the Orcs that had held Arabel, William was persuaded by Myrmeen to bring his family and his trading company to Arabel to help rebuild Arabel to the glorious city it is today. Originally Willaim had acquired land in the Stonelands and with his skills as an adventurer, had kept his land clear of the many notorious goblinoid tribes. Arriving in Arabel, he began to build the largest and most successful of all the trading companies in the city (Thousand Head Trading Coaster). Through his wealth, his contacts (including Myrmeen herself), and his current business associates, the Thond family is now the most influential merchant house in all of Arabel.

Elaida de'Roihan

A sun elf born in the lands of the witches of Rashemen, Elaida has an inborn talent and touch for magic. A recently retired adventuress, she now spends her time in her tower, working on mysterious projects. She has taken on an apprentice by the name of Illiandrin Starym.