Please note- not all changes are covered here to the standard NWN scripts: those covered in the base set of HCR (Hard Core Rules are listed on the HCR website).

  • [PHB] - Spell works as listed in the Player's Handbook or rule is according to Player's Handbook

    Module Changes

    1) Some quests (and soon all) will be persistent. Most if not all will be repeatable no more often than 1x in 24 hours (real time).

    (2) True Res will now cost more when used more. No one lives forever.

    (3) ATS skills were converted to persistence. Some people have lost their tradeskills -- ~35 of you. If you did, please respond to the 'server issues' tradeskills post with your character name and account name. There was only a 5 minute or so window this happened. If you're one of those people, post, and I'll check your ATS skill ratings from the night before and restore you when you're online. The good news is, this change (now fixed) will prevent any future loss.

    The following SOU spells have been changed:

    * Bigby spells: instead of knockdowns, most implement movement speed decreases.
    * True Strike: shorter duration
    * Missile Swarm: never does more than 1d6 per missile. Missiles count only once against SR or mantles, and are more evenly distributed.
    * Drown is magical, not bludgeoning, damage

    Monster AI has been changed

    Changes to Pick Pocket -
    * Pickpocket has a penalty applied to successive attempts, that lasts a minute.
    * You can no longer pickpocket from PCs who are under level 4
    * You can no longer pickpocket items heavier than 3 lbs
    * Items in stacks larger than 1 will only permit you to steal one of that stack

It should also be impossible to mass-pickpocket using an action-queue exploit; apparently Bioware fixed this.


1. Until you reach 4th level, you will be stuck on sparring mode. After you reach 4th, you can switch to the normal sparring/subdual/full damage modes.

2. Until you are 4th level, you will receive a hefty penalty to pickpocket. After this level, you can pick pocket at normal skill level.

3. Darkness spell was changed.

Tenser's Transformation: Adds 8 pts. to STR & DEX and con appropriate to give you 1d6hp/level. (The FORT save for Bonus CON is removed, but then you should get +5 fort saves from the spell). It will give a +1 Greataxe as a weapon instead of the Flaming Sword.

Weird, Horrid Wilting: They only affect Hostile creatures. Neutral and Friendly ones won't be hurt.

Stoneskin/Greater Stoneskin/Premonition: It does not only last 20min/lvl (GAME HOUR, that is about 40 second RL time/lvl), but it does also grant damage reductions of 10/+5, 15/+5, 20/+5 instead of 10/+5, 20/+5, 30/+5 like the game description says. And they ALL can absorb up to 150 damage (10 damage/lvl).

Darkness/Ultravision/True Seeing
The spell darkness now properly [PHB] gives 50% concealment to all in the area of effect, but allows monster AI to still trigger attacks. Ultravision is only usable in non-magical darkness (and thus does not negate the effects of this spell) although True-seeing does allow a player to operate in magical darkness with no penalty. This keeps monsters from standing inactive in darkness, even when being attacked.

Raise Dead
There is now a mangled corpse which represents any form of non-whole body. Death spells and PCs taking heavy damage upon death will produce this type of corpse instead of a standard player corpse. Lost corpses due to crashes, restarts, and logging out while holding a PCT will also be recreated as mangled corpses. This represents the passage of time and decay of the body. Raise dead spells will not work on these corpses - only resurrection or true resurrection.

Raise dead now requires a small diamond as a material component when cast on another PC. Resurrection requires a large diamond. When the deceased and the raising cleric have more than one step difference in alignment, there is a chance for failure. Failure is guaranteed for opposing alignments.

True resurrection, castable by certain NPC clerics, no longer requires a corpse.

Animal Companions
The Animal Friendship spell only works if the caster is of true heart and actually wishes to befriend the animal. [PHB]
In Arabel, the death of an animal companion will result in a loss of 200xp per level. A fortitude save (DC 15) will reduce the XP loss by half.

Corpse Looting
In cases of subdual damage, dying, or death, PCs will drop bags holding their inventory. If a player takes items from these bags, all PCs within 20 meters who have line of sight and can see the player will be notified. If the player is not seen, but a PC is within 5 meters of the bag, they will notice that someone is taking things, but they will not
be able to determine who it is.

Familiars have a maximum HP of half the caster's maximum HP. Thus, a familiar may appear to be 'damaged' when it is actually in full health. [PHB]
Familiar death causes a loss of 200XP per caster level. [PHB]
A successful Fortitude save (DC 15) will reduce the XP loss by half. [PHB]

NPC Clerics
Some NPC clerics will raise prices, or refuse to help certain types of PCs.

Player Guard Functions
If a player guard searches a PC, the PC has a chance to conceal small items and certain amounts of gold. An opposed Hide vs. Search check is made to determine if specific items are hidden successfully.

Characters must usually wait 8 hours between rests. Within the city, players will not be allowed to rest on their own. They will need to make use of a bed, available at taverns, inns and a few other places. There are different types of rooms. No more vagrants sleeping in the street.

Outside the city, most players will need to rest near a campfire, using a bedroll. Rangers can do without the campfire, and druids do not need either. When camping in the wild, there is a chance of 'restless sleep', dependent on character level, class type, and racial type. If a failed rest occurs, a check against the PC's constitution is made to determine the type of penalty.

Subdual Damage
PCs in Arabel can elect to subdue other PCs instead of killing them outright. There are three modes of damage, chosen by the emote wand. Sparring mode keeps opponents from progressing past the 'Winded' state, and does not force the player to drop items. Subdual mode allows a PC to progress through several states, ending with a 'Concussion'. The state determines how much of the PC's inventory is dropped. This final state include the stripping and dropping of all equipment on the PC. Full damage mode is used to kill other PCs. A PC's subdual mode has no effect on fighting monsters.

PC Rangers have a tracking tool which they can use to detect other PCs in the immediate area. The ranger needs to succeed at an opposed skill check, Ranger's Spot vs. the target's Hide, with a bonus based on the level of the ranger.

Spell Changes

Animate Dead, Create Undead, Gate:
These spells are restricted to evil clerics according to D&D's Player's Handbook. In Arabel, any priest can cast the spell, but non-evil priests will find themselves falling a little closer to darkness with each casting.

Appendium to Animate Dead: Now summons 2HD/level skeleton/zombie, 50% chance of either. Permanent until destroyed or dispelled by emote wand.

Call Lightning

Call Lightning has been changed to more closely match the PHB. It now does 1d10/level of electrical damage, up to a maximum of 10d10. It strikes every creature within a set radius of the target, except for the caster. It will only work outdoors and in rainy or snowy weather.

Chain Lightning
This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. First target is affected by full damage, modified by reflex saving throw. Any other targets are affected by 1/2 damage, modified by reflex saving throw.

This spell affects only a single target creature. [PHB]

Holy Aura
The Holy Aura spell now casts Holy Aura or Unholy Aura, depending on the alignment of the cleric. Neutral clerics cannot cast this spell.

Ice Storm
This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. 3d6 impact damage + 2d6 cold damage

Phantasmal Killer
It now only works on living creatures

This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. Target's CON is affected instead of STR.

Planar Binding:
This set of spells has been altered to more closely match the PHB.
The caster must not be in immediate danger when casting this spell, to make up for the 10 minute casting time. An outsider will then be summoned as the caster prepares a trap for it. The creature can avoid the trap by making a Will saving throw, a SR check, or a successful Charisma check. Untrapped outsiders will then return to their home plane or attack the caster. If the trap is successful, the caster must offer it a reward in the form of gold for it's service. An opposed Charisma check occurs, and on failure, the summoned creature will either return home or attack the caster. A critical fail on the check almost always results in combat.

Searing Light
This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. It now requires a ranged touch attack rather than automatically hitting.

Stoneskin/Greater Stoneskin/Premonition
This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. It now lasts 20min/level.

Summon Creature
The spell has been changed to Summon Monster for clerics/wizards/sorcerers/bards and Summon Nature's Ally for Druids/Rangers. The spell will summon a random creature depending on your alignment. Clerics with animal domain will use Summon Nature's Ally.

Wail of the Banshee
Wail of the Banshee now affects all living creatures within it's radius.

Weird only affects Hostile creatures. Neutral and Friendly ones won't be hurt. If a creature fails it's will save but makes it's fortitude save, it will be struck with 3d6 damage, be stunned for 1 round, and lose 1d4 strength for 1d4 (game) hours.

Word of Faith:
This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB.
The area of effect is a 30 foot radius. Outsiders are banished. All enemy creatures and all PCs of the opposing alignment are affected. The individual effects depend upon the HD of the creatures. There is no saving through, but spell resistance applies.

Good/Evil take precedence over Law/Chaos. True Neutral priests cannot cast this spell.

Holy Word [Good]

  • 12+ HD: Deafened
  • 8-11 HD: Blinded, Deafened
  • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Blinded, Deafened
  • 1-3 HD: Killed, Undead Destroyed

Blasphemy [Evil]

  • 12+ HD: Dazed
  • 8-11 HD: Weakened, Dazed
  • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Wakened, Dazed
  • 1-3 HD: Killed

Dictum [Lawful]

  • 12+ HD: Deafened
  • 8-11 HD: Deafened, Slow
  • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Deafened, Slow
  • 1-3 HD: Killed

Chaos Word [Chaotic]

  • 12+ HD: Deafened
  • 8-11 HD: Deafened, Stunned
  • 4-7 HD: Confused, Deafened, Stunned
  • 1-3 HD: Killed\

The summon monster spells for wizards/clerics has been changed to conform more to the PHB. Outsiders will now be summoned, the specific creature summoned for each level is based on the caster's alignment. What follows are the possible monsters summoned.

Summon Monster 1

  • Celestial Dog
    Celestial Badger
    Fiendish Dire Rat
    Fiendish Hawk

Summon Monster 2

  • Celestial Eagle
    Fiendish Hyena

Summon Monster 3

  • Celestial Black Bear
    Celestial Bison
    Celestial Dire Badger
    Small Elementals
    Fiendish Boar
    Fiendish Leopard

Summon Monster 4

  • Lantern Archon
    Celestial Lion
    Hell Hound

Summon Monster 5

  • Celestial Brown Bear
    Medium Elemental
    Fiendish Dire Boar

Summon Monster 6

  • Celestial Dire Bear
    Red Slaad

Summon Monster 7

  • Hound Archon
    Invisible Stalker
    Fiendish Dire Tiger

Summon Monster 8

  • Celestial Avenger
    Greater Elementals

Summon Monster 9

  • Astral Deva
    Elder Elementals