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City of Arabel is a Persistent World module in the PW Story room. It is a server vault system, and is up 24/7, with downtime only due to crashes and maintenance. It is a primarily a roleplaying server, as opposed to a module where the main goal is character level advancement. There is a strict economy system in place. To play you must have NWN & SoU.

Arabel is heavily scripted, and includes HCR and ATS, with significant changes. It has over 1500 scripts, over 1000 of which are unique to Arabel. There are many quests to complete, and they can 'reset', so that these quests can be completed by different parties. Some heavily scripted 'events' that occur include caravan missions, arena fights, and the joining of various city factions.

DMs play often, and have many scripted tools at their disposal for creating quests in game. DM interaction occurs very frequently, and is usually in the form of possessing city guardsmen, beggars, thieves, merchants, and the like - NOT as 'gods' or 'supreme beings'. Arabel's DM philosophy is to roleplay along with other players, instead of acting as deities that must be worshipped.

Updated: Check for NEWS and changes to the game environment (also see all FAQs). Please visit the Forums for constant updates on the Wipe and Changes upcoming with the HotU expansion release.

Chat at -- irc://irc.darkmyst.org/coa

  • Type: Persistent World Story Module set in the City of Arabel, Cormyr.
  • World: Forgotten Realms, 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Rules
  • Player Base: 53 max players at a time with 2 DM reserve spots.
  • Dungeon Masters: Rocc, Vshar, Brak, Entropy Mu, Slider76,Bork93, Mithrandir999, Agrafes, Santista, Tephritidae, Gurb, Ashuram, Mr. Moloch
  • Contact Info: nwn_arabel@yahoo.com

Scripting help from

  • COA Vulcano

The entire line of clothing available in Arabel is made possible from the following players

  • Invalid Character - noble clothing
  • Dezekiel - middle class clothing
  • Mikail Graystone - common clothing
  • Demalion - religious clothing

The variety of different weapons and armor in the city is credited to

  • Mikail Graystone - weapons
  • Invalid Character - armor
  • Elgyth - ATS add-ons

Several of the Common NPC conversations were created by

  • Shaye Whitmer

The pictures for player profiles have been brought to you by

  • Magnus Thor

A very big thanks goes to these individuals for donating equipment and hosting

  • Ender22
  • Adair

These noble individuals have seen fit to make generous donations in support of the city

  • Rollick and Itchy
  • Ender22
  • Invalid Character
  • Jjanni
  • Milky11
  • Shaye Whitmer
  • Cyrano01
  • Magnus Thor
  • Caschoeps
  • Rlorenzo
  • Calvo
  • Ebayona
  • Zaor Silverleaf
  • Demalion
  • Sham/Jay13
  • Necrophodar
  • Mylius
  • Quiller
  • TmasterT
  • Manus Stoneburr
  • arathorn dethslayer
  • Freit Trebily
  • TheMaimMan
  • Nikko
  • James Nool
  • Ambie
  • games
  • Matzabull
  • Cloud81
  • PurpleDust

Paypal: mskathy@ender.com (NEW ADDRESS)

As a general rule, we have refused donations in the past, but commercial hosting costs have become prohibitive. We enjoy DMing and building just as much as playing, and our 'time and energy' is and always will be voluntary. Arabel has been run from our own hardware, and off our own connections, but it is clear that it is not enough to meet the needs of our players. Donations collected will only be used to purchase services that can benefit the community as a whole, and will always be announced.

To preserve the integrity of game world, we will not be giving preferential treatment to those players who donate, with a possible exception of in game aesthetics. Arabel is free to play and open to everyone, and it will remain that way. That said, all contributions of any amount are welcome, and are greatly appreciated.

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